Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do Not Fear

Do not fear, my darling, have no fear,
stand tall and see beyond, beyond ahead --
that sudden terror will be there, so be prepared;
do not let grimness hold you in its grip.

It’s certain they will come, the wicked ones.
The evil that they blast will blind your eyes,
with suddenness their plan, since lacking sense
except for burning and annihilation
they are determined to wreak ruin.

Do not fear, my nation, no have no fear.

Tell them:
Plot your plans, devices, they will fail;
whisper lies and they will come to naught,
for God is with us and these are his words:
Until your old age, when you’re bent and grey,
I’ll bear you on my shoulders, in my heart;
I was the one who made you, I will carry you
until the end and I will rescue you
from evil.

Do not fear, beloved, no,
no, do not fear.

November 17, 2009

Adapted from:
Al tirah mi pachad pitom umishoat roshaim ki tavo
utzo eitza vtufar
davru davar vlo yachum
ki imanu el, v'ad siknah ani hu,
v'ad sevah ani esbol
ani asati, v'ani eisa v'ani esbol v'amaleit.

Proverbs 3, Isaiah 8, 46 ; Siddur: end of Mussaf service.

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