Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bible Story in 3/3 Time

Adam he loved Eve. She wore him on her sleeve but first she had to sew, while he learned how to hoe. Abraham loved Sarah, though had to be bewarer of jealousy and sent his mistress from the tent. Isaac loved Rebekkah, there wasn't a home wrecker to spoil her family, her son Esau was he. Jacob loved Leah's sister, although he nearly missed her by kissing Leah first while Rachel became cursed. Joseph loved a lady whose past was somewhat shady, but being rich and famous, he never tried to blame us for what his brothers did; of him they would have rid the family of siblings descended from the riblings begun by Eve and Adam who never knew they had 'em to populate the planet and grow grass on the granite. So take care, all ye folks, examine those egg yolks, the seed you see may be the start of family for some great chicks and roosters who don't need any boosters and who if wise we'll choose to crow about the Jews.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funny dialogues on a Tuesday Afternoon

Joshua and his assistant installing a new glass shower door in our bathroom. Joshua: This is a really old shower. At least 20 years old. Linda: Old? We put it in in 1979. Joshua: See? That's when I was born. Linda: Crazy world when we have to change a whole door just because the rubber seal is worn out. Joshua: Now don't use this new one for a day. You got plenty of other showers to use. Linda: Ok, we'll just smell for a day or two. That's how we were brought up in England. Joshua: You from England? My mother's from Maine. Linda: Oh. Joshua: My mother's an artist. Linda: Oils? Joshua: Sure thing. She tried to get me to paint but I wouldn't. So I made $32,000 dollars when I was 23 and she tried to make me buy welding tools to make art stuff. I wouldn't. Linda: You could have made gates and fences! Joshua: Nah. I like to keep busy. You got a lot of art. Posters too. You paint? You collect? Linda: Not any more. We like to sell. Joshua: I made $2300 from Estate Sales. I saw this poster online and I looked up the artist on my i-phone and I said, I gotta get that, so I bought it for $100 and sold it to a dealer. Another time I got this poster at a sale and it turned out it was stolen and never reported. These guys they offered me $500 and I said, I coulda got a reward, you pay me double, so I got $1000. Linda: What did you do with my old shower door? Joshua: It's in the front. Why, you want it? Linda: Put it in the back, I could use it as a coffee table. Joshua (to his assistant): Put it where she wants. On the back patio: Linda: Herminio, put the bronze sculpture of the lady under the window and let's put the glass shower door on it. Herminio: Like this? Linda: Like that, to the left, take off the old rubber seal, very good, now she's a coffee table again. Herminio: Oh Linda Linda Linda! But Abigail, what she say? She tell me, oh oh, Herminio, quick put the door in the trash, my mother coming! Linda: You're right! Herminio: What her house? Very clean? Linda: Very clean! Stop laughing! Herminio: She put everything in the trash, right? And Absalom? Linda: Absalom would say, Mom! Move that table! It's dangerous for the children! Mom, deal with it! Herminio: Ha ha ha! Linda: And Zachary would say, put it in my room and I'll take it to New York! Herminio: And what he say, Boaz? Linda: And Boaz would say, Stop, let's sell it! Stop laughing! Herminio: Ha ha ha ha! He climbs back up his ladder, still laughing. Linda goes to write it all down. Something else to save! 5.28.12

Thursday, May 17, 2012

By the Wayside

By the Wayside A voice is heard on high, and Rachel weeps, refusing consolation; some say we shall return by here one day from distant desolation, so people pass and tell her do not weep, that passing from this world is like a sleep. But she replies that darkness fills her heart, that stillness is for ever, that apart from those she loves the valley is too deep and weep she will and must until creation brings light from those whose love she’ll keep and transformation. 12.12.2005

Guggenheim, Lee Ufan show, September 2011

LEE UFAN, featured exhibition at Guggenheim, June 2011-09-04 I indignantly copied this from one wall, to explain to dim people like me what the Emperor’s New Clothes were about: Restraint in Art transforms his works from material objects to fleeting living experience, and his non-production serves as a nuanced critique of our globalized society of surplus and over production. By not making, Lee inspires a kind of productive passivity in which emptiness and open time are given meaning and substance. ENJOY THAT? THEN YOU'LL HAVE ENJOYED THE SHOW. IF NOT, YOU COULD JUST SKATEBOARD DOWN THE GUGGENHEIM SPIRAL. AT LEAST YOU'D HAVE AN ARTISTICALLY AMBULATORY EXPERIENCE!

Cat v. Mockingbirds in May

5/17/12 Figaro my clumsy cat sits at the window or by the closed screen door making soft growling tunes in his throat, and the poor sweet lovable joyous mockingbirds who have nested as usual in the tangled bougainvillea over the front door are silenced except for hours of squawks. Is it the male or female who guards the nest from tooth and claw? That door is closed but we parentbirds can't be too sure, they say. The couple must be under terrible stress, unable to sit peacefully on the eggs singing their hearts out, and the babies will be hatched from their thin shells quite frazzled. I hope they learn to fly quickly and get away from my resident monster.