Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bible Story in 3/3 Time

Adam he loved Eve. She wore him on her sleeve but first she had to sew, while he learned how to hoe. Abraham loved Sarah, though had to be bewarer of jealousy and sent his mistress from the tent. Isaac loved Rebekkah, there wasn't a home wrecker to spoil her family, her son Esau was he. Jacob loved Leah's sister, although he nearly missed her by kissing Leah first while Rachel became cursed. Joseph loved a lady whose past was somewhat shady, but being rich and famous, he never tried to blame us for what his brothers did; of him they would have rid the family of siblings descended from the riblings begun by Eve and Adam who never knew they had 'em to populate the planet and grow grass on the granite. So take care, all ye folks, examine those egg yolks, the seed you see may be the start of family for some great chicks and roosters who don't need any boosters and who if wise we'll choose to crow about the Jews.

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