Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Funny dialogues on a Tuesday Afternoon

Joshua and his assistant installing a new glass shower door in our bathroom. Joshua: This is a really old shower. At least 20 years old. Linda: Old? We put it in in 1979. Joshua: See? That's when I was born. Linda: Crazy world when we have to change a whole door just because the rubber seal is worn out. Joshua: Now don't use this new one for a day. You got plenty of other showers to use. Linda: Ok, we'll just smell for a day or two. That's how we were brought up in England. Joshua: You from England? My mother's from Maine. Linda: Oh. Joshua: My mother's an artist. Linda: Oils? Joshua: Sure thing. She tried to get me to paint but I wouldn't. So I made $32,000 dollars when I was 23 and she tried to make me buy welding tools to make art stuff. I wouldn't. Linda: You could have made gates and fences! Joshua: Nah. I like to keep busy. You got a lot of art. Posters too. You paint? You collect? Linda: Not any more. We like to sell. Joshua: I made $2300 from Estate Sales. I saw this poster online and I looked up the artist on my i-phone and I said, I gotta get that, so I bought it for $100 and sold it to a dealer. Another time I got this poster at a sale and it turned out it was stolen and never reported. These guys they offered me $500 and I said, I coulda got a reward, you pay me double, so I got $1000. Linda: What did you do with my old shower door? Joshua: It's in the front. Why, you want it? Linda: Put it in the back, I could use it as a coffee table. Joshua (to his assistant): Put it where she wants. On the back patio: Linda: Herminio, put the bronze sculpture of the lady under the window and let's put the glass shower door on it. Herminio: Like this? Linda: Like that, to the left, take off the old rubber seal, very good, now she's a coffee table again. Herminio: Oh Linda Linda Linda! But Abigail, what she say? She tell me, oh oh, Herminio, quick put the door in the trash, my mother coming! Linda: You're right! Herminio: What her house? Very clean? Linda: Very clean! Stop laughing! Herminio: She put everything in the trash, right? And Absalom? Linda: Absalom would say, Mom! Move that table! It's dangerous for the children! Mom, deal with it! Herminio: Ha ha ha! Linda: And Zachary would say, put it in my room and I'll take it to New York! Herminio: And what he say, Boaz? Linda: And Boaz would say, Stop, let's sell it! Stop laughing! Herminio: Ha ha ha ha! He climbs back up his ladder, still laughing. Linda goes to write it all down. Something else to save! 5.28.12

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