Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guggenheim, Lee Ufan show, September 2011

LEE UFAN, featured exhibition at Guggenheim, June 2011-09-04 I indignantly copied this from one wall, to explain to dim people like me what the Emperor’s New Clothes were about: Restraint in Art transforms his works from material objects to fleeting living experience, and his non-production serves as a nuanced critique of our globalized society of surplus and over production. By not making, Lee inspires a kind of productive passivity in which emptiness and open time are given meaning and substance. ENJOY THAT? THEN YOU'LL HAVE ENJOYED THE SHOW. IF NOT, YOU COULD JUST SKATEBOARD DOWN THE GUGGENHEIM SPIRAL. AT LEAST YOU'D HAVE AN ARTISTICALLY AMBULATORY EXPERIENCE!

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