Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for Toenails

"I will go and cut my toe nails too,"
He said, driving at speed inside the Diamond Lane.
No one could overtake him, planes that flew
Descending above us in the blinding rain
While trucks and police on motor bikes were slow
Behind us flashing their warning lights as we
Sped forward heedless of the Stop and Go
And my complaints. "It's fine Mum, just trust me,
We'll get the plane in time, I'm always late
But always manage to get on in time;
It's true they always say they'll shut the gate
But yet they never do, this car's sublime,
It goes so fast we'll have at least an hour
To buy a book, some tea, and this is true:
You'll get a manicure and I will shower
And then I'll go and cut my toe nails too!"

For Zak
LRH 7.7.2005

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